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MATRIMONIAL / FAMILY LAWYERDivorce Blunders to Avoid

January 16, 20200

We’ve often read news stories about divorces that drag on and on for months or even years. This can often lead to people assuming that a tedious, hectic and long drawn out process stands out between them and their much-wanted divorce. However, if you go about adopting the right process, chances are that your divorce ride will be swift and smooth.

If you are considering a divorce or are in the process of filing for a divorce, you should be aware that you can adopt a few steps to expedite the split. Alternatively, you can do things that create delays and prolong the divorce process.


          Divorce is an emotionally draining process and the longer it is stretched, the longer is your misery bound to be, so we strongly encourage that if a speedy divorce is what you truly desire, then you would be wise to avoid the following blunders:


          There are many opportunities that come along the way for divorcing spouses to compromise and arrive at a mutual consensus in the interest of resolving issues such as division of assets, deciding upon a full and final permanent alimony, to assigning a fixed monthly maintenance. If you choose to remain stubborn and refuse to give in, you could be creating more problems that take more time to solve.



          Very often we come across situations where one spouse wants to go ahead with the divorce while the other is blatantly refusing to do so. In such cases, you could be advised to service the notice to an incorrect or an old address of your spouse which could enable you to obtain an ex-parte divorce decree. Though this may sound great to you, but what your advisor does not end up telling you about is the doubly long process of appeal that awaits you when your spouse finds out about what you have done.



          In order to obtain a speedy divorce you need to be proactively involved in the process which means that firstly you need to clearly understand what are the Legal procedures involved and what documents are required to be put up by you before the Court and preparing your documents well in advance so that the matter is not delayed on your part. At the same time it is important that you do not let your spouse to unnecessarily cause delay in the matter by failing to appear or put up their documents in Court.



          Working out options together through mediation and conciliation can be a real challenge for divorcing spouses. However, giving up on it too early and insisting on litigation can extend the process of divorce, because a litigation is obviously going to take you way longer than other options like mediation, conciliation and arbitration.



           It is very common to see couples wanting to retaliate for the wrong-doings of their spouse and become spiteful towards each other. Hence, they begin to think that they will teach their spouse a good lesson for hurting them by making their spouse run around from one court to another, failing to realize that in the process they are calling upon the same for themselves as well.


          It is important to realize that your only intention for approaching the Court at any given point of time should be solely to obtain your legal rights. The Courts are not your vengeance dump yards where you waste the time of the Court solely to harass your spouse.


There are other obstacles and hiccups that can draw out a divorce, but these are all decisions and actions over which you have control. If you really do want to expedite your divorce, it is highly advised that you avoid these pitfalls.

          However, you should most definitely keep in mind that a swift divorce should never come at the expense of a fair and equitable trial. You have to make sure that your rights are protected and that the divorce doesn’t cause any unfair disadvantage to you. This is why it is the best to work through this process with the help of an experienced family law attorney. Since your lawyer will help you obtain a fair divorce settlement while also keeping track of deadlines and navigating the complicated legal system in an efficient manner.

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